Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The New Baby IIs Home!

The Quantum Stylst is home!

I got the call from the store today and they said my special order machine was in!  I grabbed a man, Frank was the only one handy at the time, and rushed over to the store.

Here it is being carted out

Here is is riding home in it's car seat, back seat facing backwards like the law says.

And here are the dogs greeting it.

 Then Chloe went out about her own business finding bones left out by the boys......



  1. Is she all tucked in at home now with everyone cooing over her? But what I really want to know is how she performs. Did you have a training session when you bought her?

  2. Ohhhh I am so jealous! I want a new machine too.... :)
    Hope you are having a blast learning your new baby, please, pictures so we know how baby is doing. :)


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