Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sewing Machine Alert!

Unboxed it is beautiful!  And the tension is perfect!  That is worth the money I paid for it right there!  Oh, I am loving it!  (Keep your fingers off, Charlene!  I see you drooling over there!)

So I figured out how to thread the thing, easy.  And I actually got the needle threader to work, like the 12th time I tried.  But it is the only machine that has ever worked for me, so that is a good sign.

Here is the front view, looks like it is on Broadway, all lit up with New York in the background!

Here is the front panel with all the buttons.  I tried to read the "instruction" booklet, but that was little help.  So I just started pushing buttons and figured out most of what I needed to know.  Each of the 160 stitches is programmable in multiple ways;  length,width, frequency of repetitions, width between repetitions  stitch length.  Some can be mirrored.

And, even though the lady at the store said it did not come with an extension table, it does.  A nice one that fits in my roller.  The hard shell cover has places to store things, although it may end up being duct taped closed if it keeps falling open..........

Then there are three alphabets, upper case, lower case and Cyrillic   I must learn Russian soon.  I did my name but I must not have taken a picture of it.

First stitch I did was of course the little doggies!  Can you believe I have a dog stitch?  This machine was MEANT for me!  LOL.

I would work a stitch then I would make Frank look at it.  I would do another one, and make him look at it.  He was just watching a rerun of Big Bang Theory for like the 11th time, so it was not like I was interrupting him or anything.

But I looked over and saw this going on on the sofa:

So I decided to give him a break from the hard work of actually being excited about my new machine, see how exhausting it is?

Now I need something to sew..........I wonder how it sews through leather........Shades of Grey!



  1. Heeheehee...looks like they both need a break! Congrats on the new machine!

  2. If it's thin enough leather, get a leather needle and it should do just fine. I have sewn leather with my Pfaff and my Bernina and they both excelled at it. Now it's not going to handle heavy thick leather, but the thinner stuff should be good to go. :)

    So glad you are enjoying the new machine. And tell Frank not to get so excited about your new machine. :)

  3. I had to laugh about the needle threader - that's exactly how I was - then I finally learned and I felt accomplished LOL!! I knew I finally arrived when I thread my whole machine in front of a bunch of ladies at QBL and someone said - wow you do that fast. LOL well there ya go! not much of a quilter but boy can she thread that machine! thanks for sharing yours!

  4. I am drooling! But I will wait to see your baby I. Two weeks prepare Frank & the four legged children for a visit from me. Hide your stash and machine!

  5. Congrats on the new machine! It's like heaven isn't it? When I got my current machine (New Home Memory Craft, from the 80's but I still love it), I remember sweating when they told me how much it was ($1200, a lot for that time), but soooooo worth it. Have fun playing with your new toy!


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