Monday, February 18, 2013

Design Wall Monday 2-18-13

Things are looking good.  Only 11 months till my birthday!  Yay!

The weather was just gorgeous this weekend.  For those who think Louisiana is all humidity, this weekend the humidity was 28% and the sky was crystal clear and cold.  What a nice way to spend the time.  Today the humidity went up because we have a front rolling across us bringing some ominous looking clouds.  We are expecting rain in the noon time.  And the current humidity is around 80%.

Oh, did you know that Colonel Sanders Secret Recipe of 11 Herbs and Spices was discontinued in 1964 after the sale of his franchise?  Interesting, that is why the chicken doesnt taste like it did when I was a kid!

Today I am working on my 50 Shades of Grey piece.  I like grey with an e rather than an a.  It just looks like  grey with the e.  The difference between the two is that gray is a color and grey is a colour!  LOL.  Like organize and organise.

Back to my piece.  I have done a sketch of what I want to do, but now I need to find the gradated grey thread to use.  I will call Red Stick in a moment and see what they have in the way of grey.

I also need to work on the next Quilt University Design Lesson.  It involves choosing color for the sketches we have made.  I have two I like and will choose very different color schemes for each of them.  She wants us to cut a strip from every solid or reading solid we have and sort them according to value.  That would take me a year!

The Bike of Squares looks like it needs to be bright primary colors.

The fountain looks like it needs more of a Southwest scheme.  In fact, I have some pots on fabric in a Southwest line.

The one on the left is the original drawing from a photo.  And the one on the right is the cropped, better version.

And the one below is even closer.  I kinda like them all so I am having difficulty seeing why one is a better design over the others just because it is changed.

We shall see.

Off to work on Grey!

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  1. I didn't know the secret recipe had been discontinued. It had been years since I'd had KFC, so I decided to get some a couple of years ago. I was so-o-o disappointed! The chicken was too greasy and didn't taste as I thought it should. Now I know why! I haven't been back.


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