Monday, February 25, 2013

design Wall Monday 4-25-13

I am so out of the time loop thing.  I had no idea it was the 25th already!  I am older than I thought.  On Wednesday I have the court date for the guy who tossed the dog Jimmy over the fence at CAAWS.   I really hate going down to the courthouse for these things, but I go at least once a month for those women who dumped the 100 dogs over the year period.

My working goals this week are:

1.  Find a back for the two baby quilts for Carrie

2.  Get the second baby quilt put together for Carrie

3.  Finish the Taking Names sets.  I have completed 4 and have 4 to go

UFO - Ami Simm's Halloween
4.  Choose a UFO and begin working on it


  1. That is quite a list for this week!

  2. Just had to let you know that you aren't as far behind as you think. Today is 2-25-13 so you have two months to go until 4-25-13 in your title. Just had to poke a little fun at you. Love your blog and read it everyday.

  3. Great list. I am on an UFO mission myself. I want to finish at least 10 this year.

  4. Good luck supporting Jimmy and CAAWS. That was a hot mess really. I love the first pic! I like the whole 2 shapes that mimic each other (snails trail is my all time favorite pattern). Nice work Glen--both quilting and in speaking up for those that cannot!

  5. Waiting to see your twisted Halloween!

  6. This must be the year for finishing UFOs - I see that everywhere in quilt blog land!

    I've seen a couple triangle quilts in blog land too. And I think I'm really starting to like them a lot.

  7. Love the black nd yellow triangles. Then to see all the other ones you are playing with. Wow.


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