Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dyeing To Get In

LOL.  Remember that old cemetery joke, they had to put a fence up around the cemetery because people were dying to get in!  LOL

I got another of the Taking Names sets done.  This one is Mint Green with scrappy.  I used a lot of blue and green pieces and just love it.  It is not one I would have chosen but it is looking fabulous.

We are not heading for the Red Stick today, too much to do.  I hope to get a look at some backings for the two baby quilts.

I really need to complete the quilting on the Southwest quilt that is on the frame and get some other stuff going.  Like the baby quilts.  I want to do Baptist Fans on the Baby Steps quilt.   And straight yet wavy lines on the Baby Bricks quilt.

I have some dyeing going on.  I am trying to get a nice green for my Fiber Group.  But I am not sure how it is working.  I am only rinsing once so the effect should be darker than if I totally washed the dye out of everything.  It will be a small piece and not washed or put into a larger quilt so it should be OK.

Not so appetizing, huh?  We shall see.  Oh, yes, it is drying high on the top of my nandinas because of the Idiot Child Who Eats Fabric.  Need I say more?

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  1. Yeah, my first dye job looked very similar. I was trying to replicate a brown and turquoise batik with an Egyptian cotton sheet...epic failure!
    I don't soak my stuff anymore, I mix my dye and spray it with spray bottles to saturate and sandwich it between plastic overnight. And I LOVE Dylan Dye! I bought about 60 packs at Hancocks on sale for a penny a piece! HUGE SCORE!
    Try the spay bottles, You might like it!
    Poor lil pup, he just wants a snack.


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