Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Finishes

Oh, you HAVE to go see this Hey Girl!

I just died laughing!

Well, this is not really a true finish finish, but a finish of sorts.  This is the 4th of the group of 8 people's Taking Names I have completed.

See that pink swirl?  That is the background on this one, and she wanted any fabric in a color that appeared in the swirls.  That opened it up to purple, orange, blue, white, pink.

Her final quilt will be interesting.  I used the light light blue in there, see it in the center, I am not sure it is a favorite of mine, but I am sure others will pick out that light blue.

We each make 12 and there are 8 people in each grouping.  And with the set she makes for herself they will be one of 108 triangles.  I am sure it will be fine.  If not, she can change it out.

We are meeting the Maylee and family of Maylee's quilt and Maylee's Doll Quilt fame this weekend.  I should have some photos of that hopefully tomorrow.  The people who have seen it say it is really so much better in person, but aren't we all!  (well, there are SOME people who are better NOT in person!)

I am getting there with getting stuff done.  Slowly but surely!


  1. Those triangles dance with the interesting color combinations--very pretty. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I enjoyed visiting yours.
    best, nadia

  2. Glen, do you know of any animal transports that run thru Vaton Rouge to or thru SC or anywhere nearby? Looking to move dog from SC to LA for adopter.


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