Thursday, February 14, 2013

I (Heart) You!

I do!  All my little peoples who follow me and the dogs and read me and be in a guild with me!  I (heart) you all!

We have had a rough week and on the way home from a difficult board meeting last night, Frank looked at me and said, you will have to wait for your Valentine's card.  Geez. Did he not know it was coming???  Did that pile of Valentine candy on counter he has been munching on not make a dent in his consciousness?  Sigh........

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Ann, I should have brought you the things I got for the kids yesterday.  What a DUH! moment that was when I looked at it after I got home from lunch and said, Geez.........Sigh.........

I have been working on a couple of the Taking Names triangles today.  I am having fun going through scraps and matching to what the players have requested.  Like 4 of them want black and white and I have a very limited supply, so I guess I will either be cutting into yardage or heading to the Fat Quarter Wall at Red Stick.

Here are a few of the "blue" set.  She wanted browns, medium and dark.  Maybe that orange is too much?  It is just a spot, but now I am obsessing over it.  I guess she can take it out if she hates it.  Geez.........Sigh........

And I don't have any nails to speak of (geez....sigh......) but I did see a great tutorial for making a heart on your nails with nail polish.  Take a piece of tape, scotch tape, and cut a heart out of it.  Place the negative space on your nail that has a base color and then take another color and paint on the tape.  When you pull the tape off, you have a heart that you cover with a top coat!  Cool!


  1. Terrific triangle blocks. I watched parts of the Westminster dog show and thought of your gorgeous furry friends. :o) If it was like Miss American I think Abby would get Miss Congeniality! :o)

  2. Oh sure! You make it sound so easy, but have you every tried to cut a shape out of piece of tape?


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