Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just in from Guild and Red Stick Sewing Day

This is for Patty, I know she is eager to see what I did today.  

I have a second one that needs to be put together, I can do that tomorrow.  The fabrics are the same but the pattern is a bit different.
This one measures 42 by 48.

I bought a really cool back for it, and told Carrie,  to which she replied. no, i want plain white.

Can you kill someone through the text message?

This is my own pattern, made up as I went along.  I measured nothing.  I wanted the baby quilt to be at least 35 by 40-ish so I took some painters tape and made some rough outlines on my design wall.  The design wall is that foam insulation board just nailed up on the wall.  I really need to put some batting or flannel over it, but never have.  I just use a million pins!

glen:  see my mountain goat who poses as a dog?


  1. Good job Glen! The quilt is lovely! Maybe you can put the backing you had planned for Carrie on the other quilt.

  2. You give her too much control! You are making the quilts so it is your choice. Put your foot down. You know you can do it!

  3. Your quilt is very nice! I'd use the white she asked for. Next time, don't ask, just use your artistic talents and let it go!

    My standard poodle (he died 2 years ago) was like your basset, he always laid on the top of the couch. When he was hungry, he'd take hi bowl up with him and drop it on the floor.... to let me know he was hungry! I miss him terribly. :)


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