Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quilt Working Wednesday

Remember these guys?

Excuse me, I have to go kill a few bassets..........OK, better now.  I just have to yell:  OUTSIDE! and one of the boys tosses himself out.  The problem is that it got cold and they can't stay out very long before they start to shiver.  Bassets are no Swissys, that is for sure!

Can you see how that crazy dog is sleeping?  On the back of the lazyboy sofa!  He is definitely part mountain goat, he loves to climb and be on top of things.

Ok, back to the quilt work.  I have received 8 of the packets for the other people and I am going to work on them today.  I hope to have some random pics for you as they are promising to be quite interesting. When I get it all back in March, I will have 8 times the 12 blocks you see here.  The orange is the "background" I sent and they are going to add shades of grey.

I also have to work on my Fifty Shades piece for next week.  But I can't find it......oh oh.

And......I purchased some very nice deep rich golden yellow for the two tea towels I am doing for the challenge. This is Moulin Rouge.  Frank found the perfect piece, see I keep him around for something!

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