Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Work - Finishing Up on Triangles

Court yesterday was odd.  I sat for more than 4 hours watching the dregs of humanity parade their odd clothing and behavior in front of this very patient judge.  In the cruelty case I was there for, his atty asked if he could plead guilty to attempted cruelty, and the Asst DA an I were not happy.  There was no "attempt" at cruelty, it was pure base anger and hatred.  So his atty asked for and got a continuance.  I guess he needs to concoct a story and come to court.

Frank picked out these wonderful kleenex boxes for McGee to eat next.  I wonder if the different colors taste different flavors?  Looks like luscious fabrics to me!

I have one more set of triangles to go for the Taking Names quilt sets.  These are the red/black/white ones.  And I can do those this afternoon and see about getting to the post office tomorrow to mail them off.

I finished the two that had greens as their major color.  One was a batik green and brown and the other was to be earth tones.  I really don't have much of either but I made do.  I think I sneaked in a couple that really didn't go, but I was just being creative!

Check them out.

I really like both of them and realize the need to get more brown and green batiks in my stash.

Remember, there are 8 other people doing 12 triangles each and these will be mixed in with theirs.  I have 5 sets of my grey triangles, so I am waiting on doggy toes to get a crack at them.

Doggy toes?  Well, I figure if Carl Sandburg's Fog sat on little cat feet then I am waiting on doggy toes!
Look how pretty we can sit! All those stories mom makes up about us being so bad.......huh, did you hear that?

Oh wait.......was that a squirrel?


  1. Judge should throw him over the fence.
    I agree about the boxes! They are very pretty and do look good enough to eat.
    Looks like you really do need to come visit me at the shop to fill that void in your stash.
    The boys look so cute! It makes me miss Lorenzo and his antics.

  2. I am interested to see what the Taking Names quilts come together.


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