Monday, March 11, 2013

Comment Moderation Apologies

Of course it is 2 PM and I have gotten absolutely nothing done.  I might as well be cleaning up and reorganizing my quilt room for all the good I am doing in there.

I think I will pick a corner and haul it out into the hallway and see what I can accomplish. you want pictures or do you trust me?

These butterflies are from a set of blocks I bought on Ebay for my mother.  I mad the flowers around them.  She keeps it with her at the nursing home, she so loved butterflies and dragon flies.

If you leave me a comment  and I really hope you do leave me some comments because I do love them, you will notice I have turned on the comment moderation again.  I will do it for a while and get rid of this string of spammers.

About half the blogs I follow have it and about half don't.  I have not really had trouble because most of them come after 4 or 5 days and I have that group always set to be moderated.  But recently I have had 5 or 6 each day getting posted.

And I don't want someone to accidently click on something and get somewhere they shouldn't, so it is easier to moderate at the moment.


  1. I love the combination of the butterflies and the flower blocks. What a cheery quilt.

  2. I like your new "spring look" - I need to do that as well, still have Christmas red on my blog :-(

    I hope your mom is ok, I noticed you used the past tense when saying she loved.

    If she is still there, have you made her pillowcases with butterflies ect?
    She might like that.

  3. Yes, we want pictures - before, during and after of you sewing room clean up. Could it really be that bad? Maybe you need to have a cleaning up party, invite some of your best buddies, feed them, and organize your room.

    I turned on the setting for Anomymous comments not to automatically show up posting. That way I can ready and delete. I have gotten some pretty racy stuff. Where are these people? They all need to get a life!

  4. Pictures! I'm always looking for more help on organizing my studio. I know that comment moderation can be a little frustrating, but I've decided it's the best way to go... both for the safety of your readers and your blog. You might consider whether you can drop the typing in codes to prove you're not a robot and just doing the moderation. I love the whimsical butterflies in your Mom's quilt.


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