Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Household Hint Day - Drains

This is the larger one
No matter what I do, I always get some hair down my sink drain in the mornings.  And after a while it starts running slow.  I found this wonderful little weird tool that has saved Frank many hours under the cabinet taking the drain pipes apart.

I forget what it is called, but I found it at Walmart in the As Seen On  TV area for like $9.99.  It has two sizes of things in it; one large one and one smaller one. Don't ask me again, I really don't know what they are called!

This is the smaller one against
the larger one

I push the smaller one down into the drainhole and twist it around a bit.  Out comes some really messy, yucky stuff.  And once that is cleared out, use the larger one to go deep.

I had cleared my side out and Frank worked on his side a bit.  But he pushed whatever was in there down toward my side and now my side was totally stopped.  So he got his trusty Wet/Dry Vac out.

This is my drain running fastly
This is me very happy, but
I hear a dog trying to open the
treat cabinet
I suggested he make a seal with a wet towel, but he thought that

wouldn't work.  All he succeeded in doing was sucking all the water out of the line.  So when I left to go kill a basset hound, he thought he invented the wet towel thing and knew it would work.

He sucked whatever was clogged up in there out.

I didn't care to see it at that point.

I just was glad my sink was draining!

I am off to quilt a baby quilt!


  1. LOL, you crack me up. I can suggest an idea to my dh and he shoots it down, and then later he has thought of this great new idea and it's just what I had said! I'm glad your suggestion finally worked for him though. I hate clogged drains. My hall bathtub gets clogged every time my long haired girls come home.

  2. A stopped up drain is a real pain in the neck. Interesting "thingies" you used, I've never seen anything like that before, but it looks interesting. Kind of like a snake for the drain instead of the commode.

  3. My sister loves ALL things "as seen on tv!" Oh McGee still alive?


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