Friday, March 15, 2013

It Came to Me that I Needed a Raffle Quilt

And soon!

The Southbound Regional Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has their show every April in Perry GA.  I always send a quilt or a quilted jacket and a few other things to raffle off.  This year I think I will use two of these doggy families and this group of fabrics I pulled from the stash.  I really need to make two quilts, one for the national specialty while I am at it.

Just what I need, one more project to make me NOT clean up my room.....Darn!

Any ideas for a pattern?


  1. Hi Glen: you won my giveaway -- send me your address and I'll send you some of that pink snow dyed fabric./Brenda

  2. I've made a few greyhound quilts, I'll post some pics on my blog today, not only of mine, but some of the ones I've got pics for that others made!


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