Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mystery Quilt - Down Under

I gave you the first installment here.

This is the second one which is March.  I have to run these just after the delivery at the guild, so you get them late.  But here it is:

Mystery 2013 Clue 2 - March

I've been sewing ahead on this project for the past 3 days and am happy with "the look". I do want to really encourage you to try to add additional fabrics to the DARK and LIGHT selections. I wound up with 3 fabrics in each category and it makes for a much more interesting quilt to use more than one fabric.

So, Let the CUTTING Begin

You will need to have a ruler for rotary cutting which is a minimum of 4 inches in width so that you can cut a 3.5" strip. My favorite ruler for strip cutting is a 6" x 24". I do not fold fabric into 1/4's to cut, but only in half – Width of Fabric or WOF.  This is more accurate and you get those nasty "V" cuts if you only fold your fabric once to cut.

A 24" ruler allows you to cut across a folded piece of fabric which will be about 20-22" across.  Each is cut WOF and 3.5 inches in width. Depending on your fabric you will thus have a strip 3.5" wide by 40-42 inches long.

DARK Fabrics: hopefully you are using 2-3 or more fabrics for Darks
Cut 34 strips. Save excess uncut fabric.

LIGHT Fabrics: again, if you have 2-3 it'll be a more interesting quilt top.
Cut 28 strips. Save excess uncut fabric

BOLD PRINT Fabric: (this should be one fabric).
Cut 14 strips. Save excess uncut fabric.

Get ready for next Installment:
Have a box of Gallon size zip lock bags handy. (these are approx. 11" x 11") and will be very handy for storing and organizing your sewn pieces and blocks.

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