Monday, March 18, 2013

Maybe Monday

I have not done a thing again today, dealing with quilt issuea and CAAWS issues.  I wish both of them would just solve themselves without me!

But I do have to tell you that McGee is alive despite his ability to eat whatever he ferrets out.  He consumed a zippered bank bag, zipper and all.  About 5 days ago.  And he threw parts of it up the next day while in his crate.  Well the rest came up about 3;30 AM this morning.  This time it was the zipper and the rest of the bag.  Stupid dog!

A much younger Matt
I finished the Bamboo Bonsai hanging yesterday and now I can't find my green hand dyed piece I did with the idea of working on my Fiber Group Project for Wednesday.

Cousin Karen and son Matt will stay with us some next week while he competes in the statewide Science Fair.  He has won all the local stuff and regional stuff and is now going for State stuff.  I want to have the two Saints Pillows done for them when they arrive.  I will work on that tonight.

I also had a chance to sew some pieces of fabric leftover from my Down Under Mystery Quilt to create the back.  It is a monster quilt, 92 x 92.  So the backing is a big big piece!

No pictures!  Sorry.

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  1. ohhh I love science fairs! Tessa won locals and regionals and I wanted her to go on to states but she had to remind me that I loved science fairs and she really didn't LOL!!! Still as long as I kept coming up with projects that interested her - she put up with me (grin) - Good luck to Matt!!


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