Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nudes Bathing Continued

the Nudettes have progressed one step more. However, I did not work on them Monday.  I cleaned house.  Cousin Karen and son Matt were up for the State Science Fair at LSU today.  He has gotten through his school, the regional of 11 parishes and now he is competing on state level.  His project involves the osmosis of oxygen in algae plant cells.  Amazing.

Last year he was interviewed by Duke University as part of the program where they recruit pre-high school kids for their University later on.  Amazing.  He is 14.  Even more amazing.  So Duke tracks him academically.

He and mom Karen were inundated with bassets last night!  And they loved it.

The Nudes Bathing have progressed to where they are no longer formless ideas.  They have bodies!  I added a bit of hair made with yarn to see what it would look like.  But I am actually going to use embroidery thread for the hair.

And I need more leaves. A lot more.  And a natural looking way to put them on.  I need to go look at trees today.
 This is the fabric I used for the transition between water and land.  It looks like sand and does the work for me by employing the stripes in the yellows and greens.  I could not have done a better placement of color for that part.

The Walker needs something in the background, like mountains or something.  What do you think?  Is she too large scale for the background?  I have another smaller figure I could cut out.

Here they are with the hair and the tulle placed in the water.  I love the way it looks like their bodies are submerged and you are seeing though crystal clear water! The tulle makes such a difference in the pieces.  I thought, well, maybe it doesn't really matter, but it does!

I bought three blues and this one is the perfect tone.  Maybe if I had some of those crystals it would look like the water was sparkling!

It is not looking like anything I had in my head.  Does that happen to you?  The failure of the process between your head and your hands?  I guess the fact that my head has all the fabric in the world and my hands are limited to what is in my room!

I am stoked, so many people are loving this!  Thank you all for your comments.  I totally appreciate them.  I had the largest hit of people looking at the post of all my posts so far!


  1. I love them! You are so creative and so talented!

  2. These are looking wonderful! Figures are just the right size and I don't think you need mountains or anything, It look like she's walking onto the light. That yellow draws your eye into the piece. Love seeing this come together. Keep taking photos , gives you a new perspective . Isn't it fun to just let the fabric tell you what to do next.
    You now be the fabric whisperer ;-)

  3. I really like the swimming nude! The palette for this piece is working well - as well as the crop of the piece. Keep working - art quilting take a lot longer than people realize (especially figurative work!


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