Monday, March 25, 2013

Nudes Bathing- Design Wall Monday

No, silly, you won't get a picture of me!  LOL

So....that settled, I am building the background for my nudes bathing.  There will be two of them.  We work very small, 8.5 by 11 inches and I wanted the nudes to be larger than my fingernail, so I decided on two since I couldn't decide which one I loved more.

Remember we conjured up those girls bathing in the pond just beyond the view of the village men?  Here is where they are bathing.  I guess they are bathing at dusk.  But maybe it is dawn.

I started with blues, lights but mostly dark blues.

I fused the backs and cut them up.  Lesson #1 - Take the paper backing off before you cut up or you will spend the evening taking tiny pieces of paper off tiny pieces of fabric.

After I got the water put together where I liked it, I started on the sand and the land.  I already had a nice piece of sky.  Love that yellow and orange sky!

So I built the land and made a bush.  Lesson #2 -Always be aware of where your pressing sheet is in relation to your piece you are fusing and your ironing board.  I fused my piece to the ironing board a couple of times.

Now for the nudes.  I can't draw worth a lick.  Lesson #3 - Learn to improvise!  I found some bodies on the internet and re-sized them to just the right size.  I had the forethought to purchase some peachy pink nude looking fabric when I got the tulle from Hobby Lobby.  So I guess that is Lesson #4 - Think ahead and assemble all your parts.

I had no idea what color I needed for the water so I got 1/4 yard of three different blues.  I was just in front of a lady who was purchasing every piece of every color of every bolt of tulle they had.  I was very lucky to be ahead of her.  She said she was making tu-tus for her daughters class.

 Boy was I glad to have been in front of her and not an hour later!

Lesson #5 - Be in the right place at the right time and you will be a happy quilter!

I got some leaves made for the seclusion feeling.  I have about 1/3 to 1/2 of the leaves made so far.  They are not difficult.  I fuse fabric to two sides and cut away everything that does not look like a leaf!  The most difficult part is then running them through the sewing machine and not getting them caught in the needle hole!  But the good part is that you can just cut off the offending end and you still have a leaf.  Not like the half square triangles I make!

I have to figure out how to put the leaves on.  I want them hanging and I am trying to think of ways to make them hang on something.    This is a 3-D piece so they need to stick out.

I will play with the water and the nudie girls on Sunday because I need to think on it and I am getting tired..  And the dogs are clamoring for a walk.

And I want you to know I got up before Judy this morning and thought I would be first to post.  But as I ate breakfast she posted, and Nina Marie got first place!


  1. ohhh Glen these are looking great - the palette is working nicely - I can't wait to see where these go! Besides a post titled Nude Bathing can't be bad - LOL

  2. This is so exciting to see your project develop and I love the name "Nudes Bathing"....can't wait to see what's next!

  3. I like the watching how you put together backgrounds for this project. Looking forward to seeing it progress.

  4. I love this! I love how you have the sin peaking out and all shadowy . Well done so far, thank you for letting us see the process , always interesting

  5. I just want to say these designs are looking fantastic I have no words in which I could explain.

  6. No matter how hard I looked, I could not find any nudes bathing! Guess it's time to get my eyes checked. :) I'll keep watching and maybe they will come into sight later.


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