Saturday, March 23, 2013


Charlene is the wonderful long arm quilter who did my Ellie Quilt.  In our guild there is a cop who just started quilting, oh maybe two years ago.  She immediately fit right in and we love her.  (we also try to suck up to her in case we ever get arrested, we want to ask for her and maybe she will be nice to us.)

Charlene and some friends made this Pig quilt for Theresa.  Perfect.  Pigs....Cops.....get it?

But shouldn't at least one have a donut?


  1. LOL - always nice to have a cop on your side in case you get a ticket :) Cute pig quilt - I have never seen a pattern for a pig!

  2. I think that quilt is darling! And yeah, it probably should have had one donut in one of the piggies hands! :)

  3. Adorable! And donuts are never a bad idea.

  4. That is too stinking cute!!! I LOVE it! and yes it does seems like there should be a donut somewhere...LOL

  5. Too Funny! With friends like know!


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