Thursday, March 28, 2013

Swimmer Gets Some Leaves

I have been talking out the problem with several people over the last few days.  Trying to get some insight into any ways they can think of to attach the leaves.  I keep envisioning floral wire and floral tape.  I said this to Ann and she says, Oh, I have some in my car!

I really thought she was joking, but she did have some in her car!  I got several feet of the tiny wire, which I thought would be the perfect thickness.  I have previously tried clothesline, electrical wire, copper wire, and fabric.  Nothing had worked.

I think this is actually going to work.

I cut the wire into a short section that would reach from the top of the piece to the bottom.  These long nosed pliers are older than I am, they came from my dad's shop.

 Here are the leaves and the stem wrap.  I found a fabric that has yellow batik leaves and green background.  It would make a nice mix of color for the stem or branch.

Out came the hot glue gun.  It is the new one I bought about 2 months ago.  This one is a lot better than the other one because this one is low heat (I don't burn myself on it, which I did a lot of with the hot hot glue gun) and it has a trigger squeeze.  The other one you had to push the glue stick with your thumb and it got tiring.

I started assembling the leaves.  I cut the tip of my index finger at Carrie's Easter Brunch when I was washing the sharp knives.  It hurts like a son of a gun.  And, guess what?  You NEED that finger to do this!

Two sets of leave

Here is the Swimmer (heading off the page I see, she must be upset with all the attention) and two sections of leaves.  I made one more, and I like it with a lot of leaves.

three sets of leaves
I like the leaves and I think this will actually work.  But I need to quilt the background and add my swimmer first.  Before I get into putting the leaves on the background all that needs to be done.

Whew!  I sure am glad i didn't wait to the last minute like SOME people!


  1. Glad you solved you issue with attaching the leaves. I must have missed reading why you were making these pieces. Keep going - they are coming together!

  2. This is so much fun to watch you getting this together! I love them. :)

  3. So cool! it is really going to come alive when you quilt it.
    Read your post about the Tupperware, crazy stuff. I can't use glass because it will fall, break, splinter - I will step on it - cut my leg - not realize it - get infected - go to the hospital - Be in medical debt - not be able to buy fabric -
    Causing depression and then death.

    Could always drink water out of the toilet like a dog and wine out of the bottle - Milk out of the carton ;-)


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