Friday, March 15, 2013

Thoughts on a Panel Quilt

I have been spending my days and nights looking for just the right panel quilt pattern to use for the Raffle Quilt.  Not really, but it feels like it sometimes, as much work as I have gotten done.  Housework can be forgotten, but quilting work is something totally different!
And this looks
JUST like me, too!

You will be pleased to know that I have not been wantonly spending my time fawning over my expensive pattern either.  I have been working in the same vein as when I was honestly employed by the hospital.  There one of the things I did was Employment Representative, I would solve personnel problems  in the short version description.  And today I met with a friend over a mutual friend problem, a CAAWS person over a mutual CAAWS problem and another CAAWS person over another problem.  Whew!  I am Super Problem Solving Woman!  Hopefully I did something good in that.

Back to my panel quilt.  I can't find the one I really liked.  I saw it last night, though I saved it on the iPad, but now I can't find it.  It was something like this.

The black center is where the dog families would go.  I colored it poorly because the illusion is that the panels radiate outward to the darker edges.  The quilt I saw had a dark background pumpkin print and the various pumpkin prints worked outward darker and darker oranges to the outside edge in black.  I think.

The fabrics I pulled for the quilt all have the same basic tone amongst them, which I like.  That gold.  

All the doggy families have black in them except for those golden guys.  So I think it would work bringing them out to the black from the lighter fabrics.

I took a class with Lynn Roddy Brown last year, and learned a super fast way to make HSTs.  So I am all over that job!  She makes 8 at a time with about 4 sewing lines.  Can't beat that with a stick!

I am still open to suggestions.  One of the fabrics is the compliment fabric to the line and it is a border fabric.  So that would be good around the edges of it all.  I may need to dig a bit more and get more of a variety of fabrics.  But I think I might just start on it and see how it evolves.

That, as they say, is what design walls are for!


  1. I love that pattern and think the doggy panel in the center would look great. Where did you find the doggy fabric? The dogs in the top right look like Gordon Setters, kind of.

  2. hey glen - I recognized you for your photo up there!!! how come everytime I come read this blog it looks different (grin)!! love the pattern - can't wait to see what's inside!

  3. I just learned that 1/2 square triangle method from using the quilt in a day ruler. I bought it bc u could trim up just two sides instead of 4 by trimming before opening up square. But it also showed the other method and I was so excited all of my family had to hear me explain it. Lol
    Looking forward to seeing the quilt. That illusion from light to dark sounds cool.


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