Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Watching Dateline is Costing Me A Small Fortune

Don't ever watch NBC's Dateline.  Because we had nothing to do this Sunday and wanted to watch the Amazing Race I now have to change out all my Tupperware glasses, get rid of my toothpaste and canned goods and get all new stuff.  The football game threw everything off time so we had to watch Dateline to know when the Amazing Race would be on.  Bad move!

I might have to ditch my eyeglasses and have all my fillings drilled out as well.  I have to look at all my plastic stuff and toss out anything that has a 7, 6 or 3 on it in the recycling triangle.  Those are the bad chemicals.

Do you know how many generations of Tupperware we have?  Frank was invited to all the Tupperware partied in a ten mile radius.  He would play silly party games to get that strawberry huller with women who thought nothing of having him in their midst.  He was, after all, home room mom, girl scout leader and PTO President.  In any other marriage he would have been accused of having affairs, but he only had eyes for the Tupperware.  Tupperware at our house it is a truly revered item.  Frank's mother used it.  Anything Frank's mother used is sacred.  Truly, yes, sacred.  Like god-like.  And cannot be spoken against.  I really don't care for Tupperware because it never gets dry in our dishwasher, it keeps a pool of water on top.  Stupid things, those glasses.  But, they are the Sacred Tupperware, we know that.  Now I may can get rid of them.

Which is why I thought it was amazing to see my chemical/oil and gas employed husband freak out when the reporter on Dateline said, "Tupperware made before 2010 is likely to contain BPA."  And  because I am old, my Tupperware is old.  Actually all the mothers of young children way back when have either moved or have put their kids through college and no longer need Tupperware money coming in.  So he has lost his "drug" connections.  I didn't encourage making more for obvious reasons.  The mothers were getting younger and skinnier and I was getting older and fatter.

After looking in the glasses cabinet, WOW!  He went insane!  His brain was trying to rationalize that something his mother liked would harm him.  He was having a hard, hard time.  He had to go lay down for a while before he looked at the cabinet containing the storage containers.  Oh, my!

So we now have no toothpaste in the house.  No glassware to drink out of, I am using my hands to drink out of the sink faucet.

(time passes)

So today is Tuesday and I now own glassware again.  True glassware.  I don't think we have ever owned glass before.  It feels heavy in my hands and I envision shards of it on the kitchen floor made out of brick pavers.  And going through contortions trying desperately to keep basset feet out of the kitchen when there is milk to be claimed within easy reach.

The glasses are washing in the dishwasher presently.  And soon will fill the shelves with their crystalline beauty.  And I feel healthier already.


  1. Om my gosh you have me LOLing this morning. I might be glad I missed that report......

  2. Dr. Oz had a piece on BPA in plastic last year. I had the water bottles for our office cooler changed to BPA free bottles. When I worked at the chemical plant years ago we bought BPA - Bis Phenol A for some process. The stuff stunk so bad we couldn't keep it in the warehouse. I think it is rotten that the FDA allows the food companies to spray this crap in cans and it is not shown on the label - rat bastards!

  3. What a Hoot , Cant wait for my husband reads this.. I bought my favorite piece of all times (again)in 2010,its the HUGE bowl with a lid, I used to wash my babies bottles and store them in this bowl, this bowl has been with me for as long as I started my HOPE Chest. Infact my bridal shower was just Tupperware.. Thats probably why I am old and Fat..LOL.. great story and tip, gal, shirley from Texas

  4. Thankfully I have very little Tupperware, mostly some strainers that I LOVE. So I'm not going to check that number cause I'm not replacing them. hehehehehe I think most of my Tupperware was lost back in the day when I carried lunch to work and the kids took lunch to school. I may have a lid or two left, no problem tossing those. Whoda thunk it, plastic was the mothers helper way back when, and all these years it was bad for us....

  5. I always crinch every time my mother would watch dateline and see one of those exposes! She is always totally convinced that she's going to die due to whatever they are reporting on and needs to change our whole life style due to it - LOL!!

  6. Wonderful post! I was laughing right along with you because I did the same thing - watched about the chemicals on Dateline so I wouldn't miss The Amazing Race. Yes, I have old Tupperware, too, although not to that extent. (LOL) I checked my toothpaste after the show and it doesn't have the dangerous chemical so I was able to brush my teeth.


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