Friday, March 1, 2013

What a Day!

Bonnie Doon
Chloe has had a small oil gland nodule on her chest that I keep an eye on.  When she comes for a scratch, I rub my hands all over her.  That is where I felt it yesterday about the size of a walnut.  And hot, I could feel the heat from it.  I thought it must be an infection.

I freak out at knots and bumps and lumps on my dogs.  I lost Pepsi to mast cell cancer years ago.  A year after Pepsi was gone Bonnie Doon had a mast cell tumor removed from her side.  It ended her show career and left a pleat in her side.  Eight years later we were back in surgery again but this time with Dutch.  He nearly lost his ear.  His metal staples crossed his head and went I've his ear.  We called him Frankendog for a while.

Not a good history with lumps.

So I got an appt with my vet.  When we got to the office, as she was getting out of my SUV, her chest opened up and began draining.  Nice.  I appreciated that.

Chloe by Busted Crayons
Alfred aspirated it, she yiped and snapped at the vet tech.  She really wanted to get a piece of that vet.      He found a lot of white cells, a lot of bacteria, and very few mast cells.  So that was a really good thing, mast cells are present but you don't want more of them than anything else.

She is home, resting, and draining on the dog bed rather the towel I put down for her.

And I don't care right now because I am just happy that for the first time, I brought a dog in for a lump aspiration and they didn't get a death sentence!!


  1. That must have been so scary for you when you found that lump. We can't help be colored by our past experiences.

  2. So glad that it wasn't anything too serious. Give her some gentle hugs from me and my crazy crew. :) I just hate it when my dogs are sick, they can't tell me what's wrong and how to fix it.

  3. I totally understand. It is so hard to experience those things with the pets that we love.

  4. Good to hear Chloe will be fine. I hate those crazy lumps. Lex has a little fatty lump on a leg that we are leaving for now. No changes.

  5. Thinking of you and Chloe... we lost our two old dogs last spring and are down to our one 3 year old who developed hot spots this week. Still, I wouldn't be dogless, in spite of all the heartaches and worries. Cyber-hugs to you both! Christina


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