Monday, January 20, 2014

Design Wall Monday 1-20-14

What is on my design wall?  What am I going to try to get done this week?  Sit back and take it all in!

1.  Get the River City Challenge Quilted (Can't show you that one!)

2.  Get the Maple Leaves put together and add some additional

leaves to the mix.

3.  Finish tea Towel from last year's challenge

4.  Lay out new tea towel challenge piece

5.  Make backs and quilt 2 quilts on the Avante!

  If I can just get a couple of these things done I will be very very happy.


  1. Good luck with all that (or at least some of it.)

  2. I am glad to read that your birthday turned out great and the party looked like a lot of fun! I have a lot on my plate this week too. Finish the second music quilt and get started on samples for my workshop. I need to get my tea towel quilt done too, but that is not going to happen this week.


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