Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Sewing - What Else Can You Do When Stuck Inside on a Freezing Day?

Well, my husband offered, you can vacuum and dust. 

Well, no........I can't.

I can sew though, while YOU watch the wild child!,

Well, he didn't watch the wild child very well.  MGee got into the recycle bin and ripped up a bunch of paper.  He found 1 1/2 yards of fusible interfacing and shredded it in his crate.  He ate another roll of toilet paper behind a baby gate that was not in place.  He got into the pantry by standing on his hind legs and reaching REALLY high, and got the pasta shells I was going to cook for next week.

And I didn't even come out of my room!

Here is what I got accomplished while in my room ignoring the chaos outside. 

Made 15 leaves
Trimmed all 49 leaf blocks

Put them together in rows
Made those little triangles for the ends
Sewed the rows together

And here is what it looks like so far.  I need to make a 2 inch border.  And the outer border, which will be the fabric of those triangles.

And I didn't purchase a single piece of material.  It is all from fat quarters and yardage I already had.

This is one of the possible choices for the inner border.

I like.


  1. The leaf blocks are beautiful! McGee sure made a mess!

  2. I do so love your scrappy leaf quilt and the inner border choice. Did you get snow? How did the bassets react to snow? My girls love it - summer buries her nose in it and throws it around . Very comical indeed :-)

  3. The leaf blocks are beautiful especially with the fabric coming from your stash. The quilt is awesome. And...oh that wild child of yours!


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