Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Storm Quilting

Let me tell you about the quilt in the header.  I thought it appropriate that I put the Snowball Quilt since we are supposed to be having snow today.  The weather was supposed to "degrade" by 6:00 AM but we stilll are just cloudy and no rain.  Click on the highlighted area to see the weather map.

The quilt was a Mystery I did at River City in 2010.  I am the Mystery Chair for the guild.  Planet Patchwork has their mysteries all laid out and sells licenses for a guild to use.  Since the quilters did not know what the quilt would look like, the colors were fabulous when the 16 quilts were displayed at the meeting.  The one that won First Place was a red snowflake with a yellow background.  It was so bright and SPRING!

I did two quilts for the mystery that year.  The other one was a cool orange/blue hand dye fabric.  It still needs to be quilted.  The quilting on the blue is Chantilly Lace done by Norma McDaniel.  Maybe the orange will get quilted this year!

Well. we are waiting for the real snowflakes to fall.  The city is already shut down.   The schools are closed.  And no snow.  Not even rain.  the grocery store shelves are stripped of bread, milk and water.  Geez, you would think a hurricane is coming.


Sigh........I guess I will just go quilt.........


  1. Well, you know those weather people - they cry wolf and then when nothing happens it is like Oh well the jet stream moved. I guess they are trying to keep everyone safe. It is up to zero here from a low of -10. WooHoo! Let's head to the beach!

  2. It is 9 here and the backyard is filling up with ice crystals.


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