Monday, February 3, 2014

Design Wall Monday 2-3-14

I hate to put on labels, and I have three pieces to do.  Teal Twins and Low Volume Baby will be FINISHED!

I need to work on the Tea Towel Challenge, mine is the London Fog tea towel.

I have the Leaves to find a backing piece for and I can quilt it.  Frank really loves this one.  So I
am guessing it will be his.

Carrie wants to get together this week and make at least one of the boy baby quilts for another of her friends having a boy.  16 of her girlfriends have been pregnant or are pregnant.  15 are boy and only one girl.  You can't repopulate the earth with odds like that!

I am still working in what I was working on last week for some reason.  In addition, this morning we hung the CFAL Show.  I have three pieces in it.  Meet the Artist is on Friday so you need to come out and see the pieces with the artists there.  We love to talk about our pieces and what we did with them.

Here is a taste of what is there.  (If you are  quilting purist -- close your eyes!)

 My friend Tracy has her Crawfish in the corner.  See the splash of blue?

The rectangle to the left of it is a hooked rug
 Renee's 3 D piece is in the far corner nook.  Two pieces blend to show you an under the sea adventure.

See Michael's Kimono in the center?  He has several he has made over the years.  They are all amazing.

I will show more of the show if you are interested later in the week.


  1. Impressive ! Art gallery? Most art galleries poo poo quilts which is to bad but oh well , their loss

  2. Count me among the interested to see more of the show, please.


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