Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Plans - Let's See What I get Done

Today I took all three bassets to the vet for baths.  I could no longer stand them and the weather has been cold and freezing, cold and rainy, warm tropical and rainy.  So they went to the vet for baths.

The house is lonely, next time I will take two and leave at least one home with me.  I am washing all dog bedding and sofa covers in hopes that when they come home smelling of clean dog, the rest of the house will as well.

Bassets are particularly smelly.  The Swissys did not have an odor.  I wonder why evolution gave the dogs with the best noses the most pungent smell?  That might be something to look up in the Akashic Records since they are the compendium of all things in existence in the past, the current and to ever come in the future.  There are just some things I would like to know.

I have a lot of sewing that can go on now that I don't have to watch over the bad boy McGee in another ro
om.  DiiNozzo just sits in my window seat and looks out, or sleeps.   He is never trouble, scratch that, he is not often trouble.

I also counted my container that collects the money I take out of the washer and dryer.  Let's see where I can go for lunch today.........

$6.21 in coins
4 large saety pins
a small key
a clear button
an odd shaped piece of metal
and a fishing leader.

Hmm.................I will post this afternoon about my quilting progress and maybe you will see something  I got done.

 Lunchtime is, of course, on its way..........

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