Sunday, March 2, 2014

Retreat Tired

Having just gotten home from the Retreat, I am tired and happy.  That is what it means to be Retreat Tired.  I am sure you have all been there.

Thanks for reading while I was gone. 

I have some totals for you.

I finished 2 pillowcases and 2 quilt tops.   I also taught a duffel bag class.  Don't you just love the way these bags look great in any combination of fabrics!

Here is a photo of the star quilt that needs a unique name from my book of unique names.  I will try some out and let you know what it will be called.

Here is Renee, she was my table  mate and helped keep me sane when I was sewing 390 two inch half square triangles for two  days.  She carefully ripped out my mistakes when I wanted to just trim off that half inch that hung over the edge. 

Here is Cynthia, who sets up the most wonderful retreats twice a year.  She puts up with a lot of opinioned women and still gets the job done.

Here are 382 two inch HSTs made from a nice  teal ombre. 

                                            Those little guys got worked into this: 

                                                                                And this:

And ultimately this.  It needs background around three
sides still which will float it on the quilt. 

The pattern is Handmade by Vanessa Christianson of V and Co.


  1. I bet retreat tired is a lot like teaching a workshop tired! The duffel bags are great!

  2. I am so jealous! What a great time and those dufffels - love!


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