Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Testing out a block for the tea towel

I found out that if you type fast you get teat owl.  Not what I want to work on.

Ohhhhhh!  I just got a package.  I think it is the book I ordered about Photoshop Elements!  Yeah!

I have this block idea from the Block  Lotto's pick for this month.  I love the block lotto, even though I have not participated lately.  Sophie does a lotto every month and chooses the most amazing blocks.  This month is the Star Trail.  It is a large 14 inch block.  I thought it had possibilities for my border but it needed tweaking.  (not twerking, which Frank had never heard of.  Is his head in the sand?)

But I digress.....

Just to let you know there will be another of the green grey borders on the other side of the yellow block border. 

I wanted some pieces that would flow around the quilt and create some movement but keep the focus on the center.  And I wanted to bring in some of that blue, I was not happy with the blue anywhere else.  It may not make it in the quilt but at least I would like to try to help that poor Bobby.

I redesigned the star block into this.  I am thinking it will work.  What do you think of the blue in the corners.  try to imagine this.  It will form a secondary pattern.  I am thinking it will be dark enough to hid in that space by the yellow.

I am thinking it goes with the HSTs formation so I am not  introducing an unknown feeling into the quilt.   I like it, but I am still unsure about those blue blocks.  

Now I  have to do math.  I think I am going to have to get that EQ again. It makes this part so easy.


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