Monday, March 3, 2014

Third Day of March and a Finish Already

I  have my first March OPAM finish!  This is a quilt from a Judy Laquidara class here in Baton Rouge, like maybe four years ago?  Someone correct me here.  I know a bunch of you were there!

I call it African Women Give Rocks.  She called it Connect the Dots!

African Womenn Give Rocks is from a term used in South Africa which means they really don't care about you!

And you can see that they are busy doing what they are doing and not paying any attention to you!

 And it was dog approved!


  1. What a wonderful quilt! Love the colors and the name of the pattern! Is the other picture of the backing? Very cool! Congrats on having a finish already this month. I forgot my cord for my camera to download pictures so I will post this afternoon what I did last night.

  2. Beautiful! Is that the back? Awesome fabric. I love the name! By the way...Happy Mardi Gras!

  3. Love the colors. It's so pretty! Glad you finished it.


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