Saturday, April 26, 2014

OK. Catfish and Greek/Lebonese Food - Once Again Food Dictates My Day!

So I missed another week because I was either busy or busy collecting myself.

Frank is at the pigeon range shooting.  I want to shoot pigeons too, but wasn't invited to go along.

So before he left I told him he needed to think of something very wonderful to do with me tomorrow.  And he told me to find my favorite cousin and see if she could go to Middendorf's!  Yes!

I would rather kill catfish for my dinning pleasure than birds anyway.  Although I guess they don't really kill birds.  Still.

 And since I have the day to myself......again........I need to find the leftovers from the Star Quilt and use them for a binding.  So that is my afternoon project.

Last night we went to a new Mediterranean restaurant called Zaroona's last night.  Marvelous!  I highly recommend it.  They had a beautiful waterfall wall.  The owner war right there and his sons were doing a great job making hungry people happy.  The local food  critic was in house sampling all of the dishes.

There were four of us and we each loved everything we were served. The incredible Rosemary Bread that is served with an olive oil and salty spice dip comes on every table gratis while you think over the offerings. Hummus was exceptional, almost as good as mine.  I had the chicken schwarma, frank had grape leaves, Dee had moussaka.  Greg had the combination plate and liked everything on it.

I say, go if you want some really wonderful food.  And it is so pretty inside.  They did a great job with the decor.



  1. Is shooting pigeons where you stand around, yell PULL! And a disc flies up In the air and you shoot it? Do they use real bullets? Guns scare the hell out of me as I've never been around them.

  2. Middendorf's. We like to go there when we're in town! Love Mediterranean also..yet another restaurant to add to our list when we go home for a visit. I always tell my mother not to plan meals or cook when we're there.

  3. Zoroona's ( is indeed a wonderful place to eat. Oh that Rosemary Bread! Hot at the table. I think I ate 3/4 of it all by myself. We had Warbat fresh from the oven as well. Fabulous! I went with friends on a Thursday and took two other friends on Sunday. Had to spread the word.


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