Friday, May 16, 2014

Plans For The Weekend

Glad you enjoyed the bagpipe story last night.  It gave me a chuckle.  I am often called upon to do a service for departed dog or cat, once a fish, and it is a solemn situation.  I laughed at the ending of the story, could happen!

We have dinner with friends on Friday and Saturday night and we have Carrie AND Andrew here for the weekend.  Carrie has been here all week for the last two weeks since she has been working long long hours.  Driving more than an hour home at 9:30 PM after you have been there since 6 the AM is tough.

My lunch date cancelled, her daughter is having her second miscarriage.  My heart is with them as they deal with a lot of sadness today.

My Louisiana Traveling Quilt center arrived this week.  Squares!  Carrie darn near fell in love with it!   I love it as well.  And I need to get my houses off to the person who will put on the first round of the quilt.  this will turn out to be a full quilt rather than the hangings that happen with Cotton Robin or Modern Robin.  I will get a picture out later today. 

I have the Modern Robin round nearly complete, so I need to finish that up.

The Spools need to have several seams sewn to get it to a finished top stage.  Then it can go on the Avante Frame and get quilted while I have a set of black thread/bobbins on the machine.

And I need to finish up the top for the Michael Miller Challenge.

Lots of finishing up, I want all of this to be done by Sunday night when I watch my Amazing Race Finale!

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