Monday, June 9, 2014

Design Wall Monday - june 9-14

Not much to show since we have been in Alaska for the last two weeks.   but I have  bunch of stuff to finish in the next week.  Shall I list them?

1.  Modern block lotto
2.  LA Traveling Quilt round
3.  finish up the Cotton Robin and get that sent off
4.  add some binding to two quilts so I can sew binding when I am recuperating.
5.  Cut out many hexies so I can coerce Paula to show me how to EPP.

Mayve that last one wont happen, but I can be hopeful.  I want to do a bunch of flowers, the 5 hexiess together.  I follow one of the blog who does One flower Wednesday and I just love her flowers.  then she put them all together with a white connetor hexie.  Love it

So here are some additional photos of the Alaskan trip.

We went to the Aquarium in Seattle.  And it is a wonderful place, go if you get a chane to be in Seattle.  I rate it as one of the best ones I have been to.

Going Inside

Love that green color.  He was in a tidal wave tank

STARS!!!!  I touched these guys.  they are hard!

Some pretty things are really ugly!

And yet, some are very very pretty.

This ugly guy could see me and kept following my camera

What great shibori lines

King of the hil!


Did you know they have claws on their flippers?

this proves Carrie looks good in ANYTHING!

These are some sort of very thin fish.  I added them here to show you the artistic value of a random odd photo.  The lines in here are incredible.  I could not  have drawn them more perfectly.



  1. I love aquariums although I haven't been to one for a very long time! I could just watch the fish for hours.

  2. Oh be careful with hexies! I started making them last year about this time. They are addictive! I use 2.5 inch squares...quicker than cutting hexies, unless you have a die cutter. I'll email you a pix of the butterflies I make with my hexies. Much cooler than the flowers. I do make flowers too though.


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