Saturday, June 28, 2014

Historical Quilt Website

I will give you something to do that will take up all the empty spaces in your life.  Check out Quilt Index at .  It contains over 50,000 quilt pictures and a ton of information on quilt history, blocks, styles----amazing stuff, just amazing!

And since I can't walk I might as well sit in the sewing room and at least look at the stuff in there.  Maybe something will get done.

I was tossing and turning last night, not able to really find a comfortable position.  I am seriously concerned about this other knee and how it is affecting the entire scope of things.  I am favoring it to walk on the right knee (which is the bad knee).

Dr. gorgeous talked about doing some rehab, so I decided to look up som exercises they would use for the Jumpers Knee.  It looked like stuff we do at Pilates so I did a few last night.  One of the exercises is a Quad Stretch.  It actually felt good.

And this morning it was really sore.  I wish I had gotten those crutches yesterday.  The article also said to apply ice for 30 minutes four times a day.  And stay off if it.  Right.........

i just sent Frank off with a grocery list for the week.  I am REALLY uncomfortable about that one.   but i have to limit the walking on that knee.  Next week I will do a whole house cleaning so it will e clean until I get back to doing it.

Such are the plans. Such are the plans.

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