Friday, June 27, 2014

Noah, Send Us an Ark

It has rained so much in the last few days, we are floating even by Louisiana standards.  Two days ago, I noted slightly under 3 inches of rain.  Yesterday, by about 1 pm it was at 1 1/2 inches.  This morning the gauge held 2 inches. (can you see my stevia behind the gauge?)

that is about 6 1/2 inches in two days.  We had been in a drought
situation but I think that is pretty much cleared up.  While we were in Alaska my gauge held over 5 inches and was overflowing.  No telling how many inches above that spilled over the sides.

Yesterday I was out in much of it.  I had surgery pre-op appointments.  I should have been some sort of medical something.  Most people in my family are doctors or vets.  I found the chest x rays fascinating.  You could see the
outline of my heart as well.  And ribs.  And stomach.  Interesting.  Also something that looked like one of the aliens from some movie.  I wanted to ask what  that was but didn't get a  chance.

They did a full leg x ray which showed both legs.  Is it very interesting to see the entire bone structure of your own body.  I could have stayed in there looking at stuff for hours.

I was exhausted from walking so much.  Not on my bad knee, but the other knee which now hurts more than the bad knee ever did.  Dr. Gorgeous' pronouncement is that the patella tendon (which is really a ligament) is inflamed.  The only thing  they can do is anti-inflammatory meds and pain killers -- neither of which I can have right now at less than 2 weeks out.  So rest is the only thing that will help.

Try telling McGee that.

Frank was supposed to be off fishing from Thursday through the weekend but that got cancelled because of this pressure system swirling over us.  I am glad.  It is too dangerous to be out there in the lowlands and into the gulf in bad weather.   I told him not to kill himself until I can drive again in 6 weeks.  I did however want one of those fish.  I will have to get a fish from the Vietnamese Fish Market.  Not to eat, silly.  To paint!

Today I need to get the Cotton Robin quilted.  It needs to be mailed  off with the La. Traveling Quilt to their next recipients.

Did I show you the block I made for that one?  Oh yes, I did.  It seems like a week ago.

And Carrie's birthday is Sunday.  Whatever plans we can make for that will be small.  She has no house and I have no leg.  It is not like we can accomplish much with that.


  1. Take care, REST, and stay dry.

  2. Ps. If you happen to have my cotton robin quilt, I can wait.


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