Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Carol, Great Minds Think Alike!

Today I decorated my walker!

The picture is not so great,, it is from my phone because i didn't want to get up and use the walker to get the camera.

My tendinitis knee hurts pretty badly because I went to the grocery and made a conscious decision NOT to bring it in.  And when I went to dinner with my friends, I didn't bring it in.  So  now my knee is sore.

And the surgery knee is beginning to hurt as well since I am using it exclusively.

But it could be worse.  I learned yesterday that a dear friend and colleague from the CAAWS Board died.  She had brain cancer and lost her battle very quickly.  In fact we saw her at the April meeting.  She had uncharacteristically yelled at me and said some pretty mean things.  And she had been having problems understanding some things and had disrupted some meetings.  We didn't see her for the last two meetings.  I sent some emails and left a message or two, but because she had said those things I didn't pursue it beyond that.

Now it makes sense.  Her family is devastated, everyone in CAAWS is in shock.  I feel awful.

the wake is tomorrow night; ironically on the night of our Board Meeting.  We will all meet at the Funeral Home and then head to the meeting place.

Pam called me 13 years ago and asked if I would be interested in being on the CAAWS Board.  She had been my Dog Client with her Basenjis.  She was passionate about Spay/Neuter as the desperate need to curtain so many unwanted litters.  Pam had worked to bring the Spay/Neuter Surgical van into low income areas in baton Rouge in the years prior to Katrina.  Katrina destroyed the van.

We are ready to launch another similar program in 2015.  We have the van ready to be contracted and we need someone to head the project. 

Her seat on the board will be very empty for a long time to come.

Please read her obit. I learned a lot of things I didn't know about her.

 Pam Perkins


  1. That was a very interesting obituary. A chance for all of us to remember the old saying "every last one of us is fighting a battle...be Patient and understanding"....I was not so good at this at one time, but since I've been struggling 4 years with some undiagnosed, crazy Debiliating "something" at such a young age, I've gotten much bettr at it.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Having dealt with my mom's Alzheimer's and its effect, I am sure that you should not worry about your last time together. She likely knew something was about but didn't know how to handle the situation. Rather than feel badly about anything out of her character, honor her memory by thinking of her good character, her generous ways, and her untiring work. I know that every time someone tells me how wonderful my mom was, I can only smile and love her all the more. That all of you are going to the wake before your meeting speaks to how much you love and respect her. You might later consider giving her family a plaque as a memorial of her work.


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