Saturday, August 16, 2014


Is it too early to start on Christmas presents?  Never!!!  If you plan on making gifts for your friends and family, you know you need to begin early.

How do you set a plan for creating your magnificent packages?  I think all my friends and most of my family would enjoy something I have created. Well, maybe except for Carrie. She grew up with me making things and to her the things I made were substandard to what the other kids had.  And maybe they were, I certainly am not a designer label.

This somehow has made a difference in how I think of my own work and how I present things to my friends and family.  There are just a few to whom I would give something so personal.  When I gave those lanyards and tea wallets to the nurses and staff at the hospital I was often embarrassed to offer something I had made.

But everyone seemed to love them!

I am thinking this year I might make a few tea wallets and some zip pouches to include with other store bought gifts for friends and family.

There are lots of ideas out there.  Feel free to add your own ideas as well.  I have a lot (read mega-lots) of fabric with which to work!!!!


  1. Handmade fabric Christmas cards for those special friends and family members. If I was smart I would start now but .......

  2. Last year I made mug rugs for husband, daughters and their boyfriends. They all loved them!

  3. I know exactly how you feel so I always make a wallet for my nieces and grandaughter in which I will include a gift card to their favorite store but I have heard from both of their parents and they love the things I make them more than the store bought items. Some things that appeal to young girls even college ones are cover composition notebooks. I embroider their initial on it and I pick the most modern fabric I have and they love it. I have also made them quilts of which they love love love.
    For people I work with I have made simple earrings that match our school colors so they wear them on spirit days. For secretaries I have made tea wallets, holiday decorated kitchen towels usually four, one for each season, sometimes holiday placemats and table toppers with a candle or candy dish always are a hit. For my pregnant coworkers I give scrappy baby quilts and for some reason every time someone at my job is pregnant, there always seems to be a shower invite in my mail box. Lol. So google ideas, go to Pinterest or just search my blog. Keep doing what you do and feel proud that your gift is unique and you took the time to make it. As for your daughter google things that are appropriate for her age but if she is a teenager there is way too much peer pressure to follow the current trends. When my daughter was a teen I only made her quilts. Now as a future mother I have made things for her wedding, bridal shower, bridal party, baby shower and things for her home and. Y sons home so they will grow out of this phase. I still see that some of my daughters bridesmaids still use the initial tote bags I make them. I hope I have helped you with ideas.

  4. When it comes to our creative work, we are so prone to be overly critical ... Like everyone else, I struggle with those demons. I hope you keep making and giving -- and I will,


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