Thursday, October 30, 2014

Airbag Recall - Check Your Safety Potential

My CR-V is one of the 17 million vehicles recalled in the air bag thing. Our wonderful Honda service advisor has been with us since we bought the first Honda in 1998.  Frank's Accord was the 7th Honda and his two previous vehicles, the Odyssey

Vans both nearly hit 300,000 miles in the 5 years he had them.  Frank drives a lot!

Ervin called me a day after I checked the recall status on the 2006 CR-V and confirmed it was in the recall.  He said there was going to be a shortage of parts when the formal recall was sent out and I had the appointment for this morning.  He takes care of me!

So I got up at the freakin crack of dawn, caught a bear claw and cuppa Joe along the way and handed the keys to my friendly Honda Dealer . And he is throwing in an oil change!!! 

And he had it washed for me!

You really need to check the list I'd you haven't already.  It uses your VIN number to compare against a list of vehicles that had the Takada airbags installed.    This is my Public Service Announcement for the week!


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