Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I quilted the Lorax!  And showed it off at the Modern Quilt Guild meeting last night!

Of course, they loved it!

And for Seuss 2, they really liked  the spikey things, but all agreed that it looked better with them off the sides.  The top and bottom was OK though. 
I was leaning that way, so I will finish squaring things up and build a backing for it.

I quilted it with a new to me thread.  It was somewhat thinner than my regular thread and I had a problem with breakage until I got the tension straight.  That was only about half way through!  Grrr.

The thread is a light blue and blends into the colors well.  It also sinks into the quilt since it is thinner.  So you don't really see it a lot. 

The jury is still out on the thread though.  As to whether I like it.  The really great thing was that there was very little lint.  I generally use the thread from Connecting Threads and even though they say is it low lint, it really puts out a LOT of lint!
A quilt with Frank's feet!

When I got the Avante HandiQuilter and Margaret came to set up at the
house, she sternly told me to clean out the bobbin case EVERY TIME I CHANGE IT!  Or else!

And I do, with the Connecting Threads thread it is a definite must.  But when I changed the bobbin in this other stuff, it was ........clear!  I was kinda shocked, I guess.

I  wonder if the new thread comes in heavier weights.  I have to admit, I don't even know what brand it is.  If it does, then  maybe I can use it like BottomLine in my bobbins for all the threads until I use it up.

I bought it in cones, so it may be until forever!

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