Saturday, November 15, 2014

Catching Up

I need to catch up on my 52 Photos post because a new prompt will come out tomorrow.

Last Sunday Bella suggested we look at the reflection in the mirror.  It is difficult for me to take that photo.  Maybe that is why I put it off so long.  I have never really liked me:  the way I look or my name.  I have convoluted my name over the years to be something other than what my mother named me.

I was named after the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz.  My mother told me she wanted a daughter who had beautiful golden curls and wore beautiful girly dresses.  A very feminine cute little girl.  I was anything but.

I was dark haired, very straight dark hair at that.  It wouldn't even take the perms she would try to give me to at least make my hair curl.  Hers did, and my father's did, why didn't mine? I was too tall and too tomboy.  I was too interested in dogs and horses and not sewing and sororities. 

She dressed me up in beautiful dresses she spent hours making, and I hated.  I wanted to wear those wild bell bottom pants.

She finally gave up and told me that I would never be pretty and left it at that.  And left me always feeling not quite so pretty, too tall, too gangly and just not right.  Over the years I have become more comfortable with me. But I am not really sure I will ever be convinced I look like the pretty girls!

So this is what my mirror shows.

Just me.  But I do like the mirror and the wall my beautiful golden haired daughter painted! 

Yeah, life is ironic like that!

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  1. I love that wall, too, and applaud you for accepting the challenge and facing that mirror. Yesterday I went to pick up some bobbins and the young woman behind the counter said to me, "I like that you're tall." It took me a long time before I liked that I am tall, too.


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