Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day Spent in Bed

(An Aside:  Click here for a better way to spend Christmas in New Orleans!   It was a rare and unusual sight.  It lasts for a few hours then is just a memory!  But somehow, New Orleans made it beautiful!)

But not in a happy way!

We had dinner with Ann and hubby on Saturday, we tried out a new restaurant called Pat's Seafood.  It is a branch of the one in Henderson Louisiana that has been famous throughout the area since way back when.  We used to drive out with my Aunt Edie and Uncle Buddy when we were first married.

Ann was dealing with a cold that caused her to lose her voice.  She looked like she was not feeling well at all.  I could tell she was tired and after having family and funeral and kids, she had reason to be tired. 

So, smart me, gets her cold.  And now I can't talk.  (Some would say that may be an improvement, and I will hunt you down if you do.)

I slept most of the day, off and on.  Chicken soup, which I hate, is like an antibiotic.  (The noodles taste like paste and cardboard.) Mentholatum on the feet clears up some of the lung congestion. 

I missed Christmas with dear friends at their home surrounded by all the dogs.  They may have missed the salad we were to bring.  But I did have the chicken soup..........

Several people have asked me what a Jawhorse was.  It is a sawhorse on steroids!  Here is the link to a description.  I got mine from Lowes for $98 but since they didn't have any at the store when I went to get them, I ordered it online and had it delivered free to the store.  I just went in and picked them up.

JawHorse  (click here)  It kinda looks like a horse, see those feet?   And the stirrup?

It was a great gift, well received by both of them.  But it was the Roomba that was the most exciting!  Carrie and Andrew both loved it.  It was wonderful to watch their eyes light up when they opened it up.  It made the whole day for me.

And obviously today as well, since it didn't get any better than that moment!


  1. oh dear, poor thing. If you wet a dish towel, heat it in the microwave, and drape it over your throat, it will make your throat feel better, and your voice will return sooner... it's a lovely soothing thing... feel better.

  2. What a day to be sick :-( hope your better soon. How do the dogs like the new rumba toy you got them? I hope it's McGee proof.


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