Friday, December 26, 2014

Dec 26th And I Am Already Behind!

But would you expect any less of me?  I have to complete entry for Quilt the Swamp 2015 due first week in January. 

 Complete?  Did I say?  Ha ha!  I need to totally make it!

(I am linking to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Fridays)  Click here to see what amazing stuff the others are doing! 

She talks about consummating.  Ohhhhh!  Ya gotta go check her out!  LOL.

 So I actually started my Swamp piece today.  I want to make an oil derrick.  So here is my little derrick.  I just love them, this will be my third.  They are so structural, so black and white, so linear.

I need to find several good pictures of the Jack Horse Pumps so I can design one for the quilt as well. 

I have another idea that I want to do for the exhibit but may not get done.  Time, time, time.

I wonder what the theme will be for next year?  I wonder if I can make it early enough to actually do a good job on that piece?  I wonder if I will get my butt in gear (since I will have that Roomba keeping the dogs entertained) and actually get it completed early for once?
Da-Dum, De-Dum

Probably not.

I know me.

Leave me alone, I am cogitating.
I will leave you with some great photos of what the dogs were doing Christmas Day while I lay dying. 

Oh, hey mom!
Squirrel to the Left!
I did manage to pull my bacterial ridden self up and walk around the yard for about 20 minutes before I collapsed back into bed.

I am better now.  Still, I have no voice.

Ok, I heard that, my hearing is still good......


  1. 2015 is just around the corner. See you soon.

  2. oh girl, I had an awful something just before Christmas, three weeks of hacking cough and other related ick. No voice for three plus days, which probably made Cole and Drew happy. Those pup pics! No squirrel chasing going on?? Hope by now, you are up again. I stopped coughing but didn't get energy back for at least a week. LeeAnna

  3. Fun photos of the dogs and hope you have fully recovered and don't have to ingest anymore pasty noodle, chicken soup.


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