Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve

Happy holidays which ever way you celebrate them!

I have friends of multiple faiths and they all have different ways of celebrating the season. Hanukkah - the Festival of Lights rededicating the temple.   Diwali - another Festival of Lights when Lord Rama returned from the forest after his exile.   Each way is special to their families.  We have participated in all of them over the years of our friendships.

Tonight Carrie, Andrew, Frank and I ate a non-traditional dinner of crawfish etouffe over rice, a salad (that never materialized), an amazing bread baked wth cheese and black olives and somme incredible pecan pie!

Then we exchanged presents.  When Carrie was little we would exchange our family gifts on Christmas Eve so they wouldn't get lost in the Santa Experience the next morning.

Andrew and Frank got Jawhorses, Carrie and Frank got Rumba Vacs and I got some PJs and socks, a new cover for my phone. 

Carrie and Andrew gave us a weekend in New Orleans at a Bed and Breakfast on St.Charles Avenue and a bike tour of the city.

I am so excited!  It was a wonderful day with my only daughter and her husband.  And all the Bassets and the Grand-Dog Hugeaux!  

Not a single picture did I take.........aughhhh

Happy Holidays from our house to your house.

glen and the bassets

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  1. You were enjoying so you didn't get pictures. (What's a Jawhorse?)
    Merry Christmas Hugs


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