Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Big Day!

Yesterday we went shopping for my secret birthday present in a new store in the next city over, Denham Springs, LA.  There, in the final stages is a really wonderful new mall called Juban Crossing.  Not the indoor kind but the new type with the stores facing center parking lots.  I wonder why they changed from the old style malls that were all enclosed?  But I digress.

We went in, and he gave me instructions to look at BOOTS!  BOOTS!  He had scoped the store out earlier in the week and found a literal treasure trove of BOOTS!  OMG!  Boot Heaven!  Glen Heaven!

I lamented the dearth of Carlos Santana boots but there was Ralph Lauren in his place.  And so many others!  No fringe boots, Carrie was majorly relieved about that when I told her later.  Well, there was a pair but they were Uggs, and don't think I didn't consider them.......

I tried on a hundred, no two hundred pairs.  I often had one of each on making choices, weaning them down to a handful.  Finally I got to two of the most wonderful pairs.

Then I had to choose.  I chose the black boots with the straps, but I definitely mourned the loss of the brown lace up ones.

So this morning, I see the brown lace up boots!  YES!  BOOTS!  How did he do that?

I love boots!

He was in the dog house earlier this week, but I think he might just have bought his way out with these marvelous Birthday Presents!


  1. Happy Birthday! You deserve them.

  2. The man is a keeper! How smart he is - your choice is a good one. Makes your legs look long and lanky. Sexy lady :-) a good pair of boots makes you strut. Are you strutting?

  3. Doesn't he know, "these boots are made for walking ..." I am not a boot person, but I love both pairs. Enjoy and Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! Great pictures. And...I. Love. the. boots!!!!!!! Awesomeness!


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