Wednesday, February 25, 2015

52 Photos - Week 43 - Black and White

Ahh!  Something to give me a break from QuiltCon!  I love BW Photos!  They are so edgy and wonderful.  They make me feel like a such a photo snob!

 It can even make a bad bad dog look sweet!  Yes, here is one of my Bad Basset Boyz in BW.  This photo looks much better then the original.  Because the distracting colors of the quilts in the background are not stealing the show, you see the sleepy boy as the focus.  I like him when he is sleeping! 

Now this photo is interesting.  It is a subject I have given you before, the Louisiana State Capital Building in downtown Baton Rouge, LA.  I love the mist that shrouds the top of the building.  On the original photo it is largely grey and white, so the big change is the brilliant colors of the azaleas along the walkway.  It is a shame to take the color away from them!  These are a deep pink with dark green leaves.

But it does make an interesting composition.

  I left this one in its original state.  When Frank turned 60 Carrie and I gave him a surprise birthday party.  He had no idea!  That was so much fun.

So many of our friends came to celebrate with us.

The center of attention was this wall created by my Interior Designer daughter.  (She is so smart!)  Photographs from our entire lives were collaged on a wall in her beautiful home.    People were fascinated with the photos, all in black and white.

We had such a time talking about this one or that one.  Sharing with our friends who were in the photos.  It was a fabulous way to bring back so many wonderful memories.

And after it was over she gave them all to Frank.


  1. What a cute pup--I'm sure he never takes a bad photo. I can just imagine the azaleas along the walkway in the second shot. And the third one--your daughter is quite creative!

  2. Your daughter is brilliant: decorations and conversation starters all in one. I'm betting there was plenty of talking and laughing--perfect for a party. I'll have to steal the idea when we celebrate my in-laws' 50th anniversary. The other two photos are good. I especially like the state capitol shot. I've seen it many times but never noticed the mist.

  3. Thanks for your honest assessment of Quiltcon. Hopefully some of the planners for the next show will read it and take the observations as I think they were meant to be ---constructive criticism and an excellent opportunity to learn and grow the show.

  4. I LOVE black and white photos -- DH had a darkroom for many years and we created far more b&w than we ever did color.

  5. These are fantastic! I love the last one especially! Thank you for sharing to {Black + White}.


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