Thursday, February 5, 2015

Off the Wall Friday with Nina Marie

Every once in a while I get something that is truly worthy of a spot on Nina Marie's Off the Wall post.    (go check it out)

And I know my readers have seen this in the last couple of days, but I needed to make a complete post for Off the Wall.  Gosh, I still just LOVE this!

Tonight at the guild meeting a Program Director for another guild asked me to put together a class for them.

Yes.  I have arrived!  LOL.

I saw this on a show I had on as background noise in the house.  I passed through the room and it caught my eye.  I worked out the way to do it and, well, just did it!

A mandala made of my name.  I have never really liked my name but it is so beautiful in this piece.  Can you see it?  It is in there 8 times!  Before you look at the revelation, really look to see if you can find it.

I am filling in some space here so you will have some time to look for the name.  I put up two eco-bundles about two weeks ago.  They are vegetating and creating some eco-goodness.  SOME people can't wait and opened theirs.  Meanwhile, I boiled some acorns and was letting them steep to create a nice golden brown eco-dye.  But that was foiled when the pesky squirrels ate all the acorns and overturned my dyepot.  Now I have none and have to start over again.  And find more acorns. 

If you go HERE  you can see the saga of the engineer husband and how he "helped" me with the math on my mandala. 

OK......Can you see me now?  Yep!  Still liking  it!


  1. I want to take your class! This is a cool idea! And in the spirit of Nina 's stealing post I may have to try one with my name. I would rather take the class though. You would be a great teacher. Why don't you make it into an article and submit it to either quilting arts or quilting art studio magazine? Perfect for that. Then you will be famous (as you should be)

  2. I loved this when you posted it the other day and when today's post came up I thought I really should click through and comment. Your story about the math and engineers was pretty funny. I'm intrigued by mandala shapes and symmetry and things that secretly say something else (right now I'm having fun with ambigrams). Anyway, your awesome piece hit all those sweet spots. It looks really really great and I love the bold graphic colors.

  3. Oh what's wrong with me... I can't find the name in the big picture... great idea though. LeeAnna

  4. This is so interesting. I never would have seen it without the hint. I'd love to see how big this quilt is. Your colors are fantastic.

  5. Such a great abstraction of your name.


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