Friday, February 27, 2015

QuiltCon Refund

When I got home today and went through my emails, I had a refund for the Dye Class.  I was very surprised.

I did make a complaint with the registration people, but I expected them to call or email me to discuss and apologize.

They did all that but included a refund.

I want to make it clear I did not ask for or expect a refund.  I liked the class, not the venue.

I asked that they rescind the refund, I took the class and expect to pay for it.

Now, if they want to refund me for that stupid lecture where she marketed her book and her mother.........


  1. Interesting....but it doesn't seem like the "get" it.

  2. I agree, nice that they are proactive about making things right ... but they seem to have completely missed where they went wrong.

  3. Take the refund as long as it doesn't take away from any fees the teacher would gave made which I doubt. They realize they made a mistake - kudus to the quilt con people to realize that .

  4. Your experience of the off-site venue sounded horrible. I hope they take these comments into consideration for the future ones. Now, I'm hoping that our lecture with this person will turn out better than what you had. She's coming to our quilt guild later this month.


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