Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You Can See My Oil Derrick on TV!!!!

Check out the show:  Art Rocks!  an LPB production. That is Louisiana Public Broadcasting.

The Quilt the Swamp show is featured.  

My friend Tracy talks about her creature she created.  Judy talks a bout her thread painting  beauty and Michael, who is an incredible artist, talks about his 5 panels and how they evolved over 10 years.



  1. That's pretty exciting! I will check it out... :)

  2. I totally enjoyed that! how lucky you are to have a local PBS arts show. I felt like I was there (wish I could of seen the show) Your derrick being so graphic reall shows up. If they had hung it from across the room people would have seen it from afar and then flocked over to see the awesome quilting! I really liked the woman's felted vessels with the hands too. I've always wanted to try felting raw fibers but havent' had the time or fibers. Micheals piece is wonderful, especially knowing the story behind it.
    thank you for sharing this video :-)


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