Wednesday, March 11, 2015

52 Photos - Week 45 - One Woman I Love

As you know, 52Photos Blog is going to Instagram.  I am spending some time on it every day but for the life of me, I have no idea how to work it.  It is just one of those things that bites my butt.  I have always been able to just download a program and play with it and figure it out.  But this Instagram is not coming to me.  We shall see, maybe someone knows of a tutorial or something.

Bella chose an interesting topic for Week 45.  And I immediately knew what I would choose. 

Junior High Prom
In Monterrey CA
 It took 13 years to have her, and 30 years later she is still the only one for us.  Just like all parents, we feel we don't get to see her often enough, though  she lives quite close.  When she needs us, she always calls.  And when we finish talking, she always says, "I love  you."

I could not imagine having kids, but now I can't imagine not having her.  I am glad she was a girl and not a boy, even though we had major clashes when she was a teenager.

Carrie and my mom
I remember one time she was about 15.  She wanted to spend the night at a co-ed sleep-in.  Her argument was that there would be lots of other kids there, not just her and her boyfriend.  And that "all" the girls were going. 

After several heated exchanges where we tried calmly to let her know we did not approve, she stormed off......sure we were ruining her life.

At some point I told her that when she was a mother she would protect her daughter in the same way.  She (not so politely) informed me that she would be a wonderfully understanding mother and let her daughter go to the sleep-in.

I called 4 or 5 of her friend's mothers and confirmed that they were not letting their daughters sleep with their boyfriends en masse.  She was not happy.   And I am sure all the parties to the party were not happy.

Today, I look at her and her husband and smile.  I know them well enough to know they would both be fiercely protective of their children.

Those kids would NOT be going to co-ed parties!

She is smart.  She is beautiful.  She is savvy and she is a hard worker.  What else could you possibly want for your child to become?

Her life could have gone many ways, I am so glad she chose this one.   We are so proud to be her parents.


  1. Great post - even greater daughter - the photos show her smart feisty loving nature. You are blessed .

  2. Are you using Instagram on the desktop ? That may be your issue - it's so easy to use with your iPhone but then the photos would need to be taken with the phone and not as good as your camera I guess . Do you have the Instagram app?

  3. Beautiful post. I know zero about instagram so I am no help!

  4. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful daughter inside and out!!! You and Frank have done a wonderful job!!!


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