Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Quilt Stuff

The box containing the 5 Colorado Boys quilts got mailed off this morning!  35 yards of fabric went into their making.  28.5 yards of binding.  I had just printed the Fact Sheet to send with the quilts when I read that Sophie over at Sophie Junction said her star quilt had 10 yards of binding!

 It is wonderful!

(click here to see it.) 

And here for her tutorial for the scrap string binding

YES!  Here the 5 quilts lined up on my sofa.  See some of my teapots behind there?  There is a shell and Mount Rushmore and a cat in Victorian dress!  And a bowl full of poop bags!  LOL!

My Modern Robin Block will be finished this afternoon.  Can't show you that one, but it is too cute!  I  thought about it last night as I couldn't sleep.

Ann is doing well, I will take her to the final surgery to put in the power source tomorrow.

NASA Image, not my own!
And the first installment of the 2015 Mystery Quilt will be distributed at the guild meeting next week.

So my life is rolling along on seemingly calm waters.....for the moment!  A hurricane could hit at any moment and send everything into turmoil!


  1. Yay for finished boy quilts! It's crazy how much more binding you need for a quilt that seems just a little bit bigger. I almost backed out of my idea of making string-pieced binding when I reapplied I would need between 9 and 10 yards. Yikes!

  2. You are on fire! On a roll! Can you imagine getting a package and opening it up to find such love? They eill be so happy :-)

    I love the fact you gave a bowl of poop bags :-) every coat I own has a couple in the pockets along with treats if course.


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